Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Puisi 4 (Valentine Editions)

For someone that I look for…

she never leaves the seat up…

to train her well you know…

she likes to train she's got me trained, and I let her think that's so…

she romances me and want to diner with me…

home cooked candle light dinner and a rose I gave to her…

she even knows what bothers me, never ever suck my toes!

sex? that is a private thing.

let's just say I'm satisfied.

I'm sure the neighbors hear our screams, and feel just so gratified!

I love it when she looks at me, with those sexy lips upon on her face.

In 50 years will she look that good, when her are not in this place?!?

she says she loves my attitude, and my style too.

I wonder if when the gravity starts, will I life without my IQ???

she loves the way I laugh, and my joke ... in all our conversation!

I simply think the way that she loves me.

no matter how bad my habits.

I could not say I did find better, because he is my match.

perfectly we go together, both in and out of sack!

she is more than just my girlfriend, she is also my best friend.

I'm more than just her boyfriend, I'm her "mate" to the end

she is not exactly perfect woman, but who am I to judge?

she is a little more rational, where as I won't even budge.

I say that I'm right.

she says, "you just think you are."

I insist that I know am!

she says, "No dear, not by far."

her long term memory is going fast.

she will turn 80 and forget his life.

she will think we just 'met' again one day, and he'll ask me to be his wife.

even though I will have to laugh, so gladly I did say yes.

besides, who else would marry me, after putting up with all those tests?

This poem is written for my sweetie in somewhere.

I can call her that name now.

I take our date seriously, you know,

(even though I laughed during our vows.)

by: The Armstrong

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gilaaa romantisssnya...??