Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the Road

I feel alive,
walking on the road,
alone, thinking,
feel free and no more less,
sing a song,
dancing hit the tiny stone,
laughing at people perspective,
throw away all destiny and believe,
I just wanna living free, at least...

On the road,
kill my prestige,
beer, whiskey, weed,
all about loosing mind,
mind games,
who's clever his alive,
who's idiot will survive,
all about free from desire, at least...

Asking what's going on in the end of the road?
walking to found it,
walking and moving,
no talkative,
no shitty words,
they changing me,
changing me being devil,
I gave my soul,
she give  foul,
on the road...

Jogja - Solo, 13:26, 27 January 2013