Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bad Sucker Guy

Where we going now, could you makes my mind turning slow?
Make alive all the shadow, until all the mistake seems fade into the sorrow,
If you leave me alone, how could I coming back home?
My life nothing left than like a silly clown, turning and rolling to the town,
Looking for nothing than loosing mind, well several call me kind,
Take some laugh and telling lie to make all the people enjoy the show,
Like a garbage just need to be throw,
Try all the cure, medicine, drugs, all about loosing mind,
Today when sun goes up, admire behind the window,
The shine suddenly slap, make my eyes turning glow,
The moment changing black, for an hour the fibril getting slack,
Am I bad sucker guy? Am I try to be bad sucker guy?
How could this village boy, playing mind as a toy!
I dont know, how could the answer can be know?
Traveling around, looking around,
I got nothing to hide as a secret anymore, count all the score,
My sense as admiring, is only silly smiling,
No brave, no grave, no cave,
No love, no loose, no choose...

Somewhere around Jogja, February 12, 2013, 05:17