Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Jimmy The Clown (English Version)

Once, somewhere far away on another planet that resembles Earth is almost exactly live person. Someone who, if we view the common people in general view is shown as someone who, hmmmm how to think about mentioning the word politely to a freak?

The physical looks of it seems not much different from those of others within it is located, 164cm tall and weighs 55kg. Only the appearance of eccentricity in keseharianna activity which makes it look different, be advised it works as a 'clown'.

Clown name, according to people who had exchanged greetings with him is Jimmy.People familiar with the name calling in the form of Jimmy Clown cool. And people do not know or did not know and those who do not want to know about her will say 'oh, sibadut nan crazy weird is that? " ekspressi complete with quivering lips seemed indifferent and did not want to continue discussing the sign of Jimmy. But that's Jimmy, and he was happy with his life. While there are certainly others like it do not like. 'Life should be balanced between laughter and anger, between smiles and trash, between love and betrayal' of a time kubersapa him.

Jimmy, it seems eccentric appearance. Long wavy hair shoulder length, but because it looks neat if he treat her hair with bersampo every day. Necklace and bracelet competitive advantage, piling stacks enliven the neck and wrists, when walking a little bit sexy because walking is always singing a happy song. Thick-framed glasses and glass are not too close together to cover her face minus the usual normal, not heroic intent.

'Hah! What you say? "

'He does not like clowns! just look at his appearance far, far away from the impression of a clown! you are making there! "

'Yes indeed you are correct. Jimmy did not wear distinctive clothing clowns in general, with a small red ball attached to the nose, also with colorful patterned gombrang clothes and a pillow worn around the stomach to look fat or anything with a pair of shoes on his feet too big to be making trouble as he stepped up to look as if she were dancing. One thing I want to emphasize to you! He is not the clowns in general, he's special! "

'Specials as what you mean? "

'Let you specify what what is being done by a clown until he deserves being a clown says? "

For a moment the man lifted imajiansi remember remember not determine what the characteristics of a clown when doing the action.

'Clown approximately wiggled her hips and belly are often the same as too big, too often obscure applauding themselves, and another one is always calling people who watch the show laugh out loud with a stupid action. "

'That's Jimmy's life that you just described, but the passing another viewpoint. "

'Mean? "

'Instead of a clown there for a smile? or just laughter from others who got a glimpse of the action watching the clown? "

'Yes right and its relationship with the Jimmy? "

'You should try to know the Jimmy's first, at least invite her to come chat that you are interested. Then you'll get one thing, namely to feel happy, smiling and always carry an intellectual class farce that will make the amazed wonder. Will also be many other things that you get after completion of your chat. I and several people I have relayed this to try and always successful. "

He is a clown in a strange version, well I think if that had not had time to get a polite word to compose a strange word. But very happy and very good friends with him who had never seen in his life dogged by problems.

He is the Jimmy. Jimmy the Clown.

To be continued ...

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