Friday, September 10, 2010


The colors of the rainbow start to shine after the ends of the rain.

All the things under the skies bloody wet. Thought impossibility if the God of the rain are stay over the seas? Who is them? Poseidon or Neptune? The young brother of Zeus or Jupiter and the elder brother of Hades the underground natural ruler! Hahaha I guess not them. I think there were some incredible thing that would make it! Not because of the mythological Greece God, but maybe there was another God of the God. Someone over there maybe will saying 'why we should care?'

"About water?"

"Yes about water! Did you will say you didn't care about the water?"

"Or about the God?"

"Might several people out there didn't believe the God..."

"About human?"


No water mean no life. No God mean no human. No human mean? mean everything. No human will no story to tell and no something to share. Water bringing life for all the thing above the earth, where the place of human stay alive.


"Hmmm where the God staying?"

"No one know, and we shouldn't have to know"


"Because the God life anywhere! The God life in human mind heart and soul"

Human existence...

"What the hell about this one?"

Most of human said "the existence of human shown when they were thinking and the doing something" And another people will saying "I dont care!". Again and again...

So let we choose what we gonna to do and wanna to do...

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