Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Memories of a Shy Woman

35 years I mourned deeply regret will be the memories, kneeling in a shabby old wicker chair while embroidering. Sometimes I'm waiting for something that has been lost, something has gone for as long as ever. Now I just get through the day today in a lonely, lonely in a never-ending waiting. Here, this wicker chair 35 years ago a man named Karnaen has declared his love for me. But the shock of emotion makes me happy can not utter a word, nervousness makes me upset that I ran into the room and locked it, I closed my face with my hands, my cheeks flushed and I held a deep shame in my heart that either come from anywhere. I stand long enough emotion was mingled happily in the room, because to me it Karnaen same feelings as I feel. Until I realized when Karnaen calling calling my name outside the house near the old wicker chair. I do not know what I must do, my lips locked and the keys seemed to disappear for some where, my body forced my legs to stand up to Karnaen but I think I'm paralyzed.I just sat frozen without a word and do not know what to listen to words of love Karnaen shouted outside the home. Flutter in my chest that whatever its name, seemed suffocating.

My name is Ning, 53 years old I now tread, I was old enough, without companion, without requiring the person I'm happy for my partner to cook food, cook the most delicious food ever made. Only for himself. Karnaen.

War is natural to bring Karnaen eternity, where he's waiting for me until we eventually reunited there. But why did he go so fast, so fast did not have time to bring me into the aisle, biting both above the sacred bond of eternal nan. "It was all because of me, which can not be met said it was time ..." groaned within me, while I cry for the memories. As if the memory was talking to thought.

"That's the shy girl oh memories, you will be missed at that time has long passed ..."

"But he could not understand why the happy glow on my face that indicates that a sense of who I think just as he felt?"

"Humans have a sense of the senses must be stimulated so that they can be used, when your throat's dry then with idle hands and your mouth will work together to drinking water was a little thirsty fleeting ..."

"I think my explanation is too lengthy tele and I do not understand at all!"

"Is it enough in praise of beauty only by the eye? Or food delicacy enjoyed only by the mouth? "Lamented memories

"Well, I was wrong when I and Karnaen met when me and my friend was on the way to school and she came over and said what my answer when he said that he loved me yesterday in front of my house, but not a word that I was able to pronounce, and I hope he does not berpatah zeal in searching whether I love him too ... And indeed I loved him ... "

"One says yes you can change everything and did not throw you in a prolonged remorse over this ..." the final word from memory

The last words from the memory of him waking in reverie, the old days it has carved a face that no longer young. Now a distant memory that is written and haunting memories of that spread through the story to the story. The story of a woman's memories of the shy ...

End ...

July 1, 2010
Inspiration From: Theater Performances "Remember Memories of a Shy Woman"

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