Monday, August 20, 2012

Animus Ambitiosus

Rain fall in the summer time,
Leave those trees on the withered,
Repudiate a void,
Make a bland taste, 
Paralyzing the expectance,
Considering by turn head in hand ,
Nothing more,
Changing core,
As people always like,
As people hopely right,
As people express too high,
Where the hiding shines appear,
When the shines of truth appears, 
Who will be the one to be,
As a matter of questionable,
As a matter of looking at the answer,
As a matter of simple swear,
I say no when you say yes,
You say good bye when I say hello,
Suddenly disappear and gone,
Even I haven't say apologize,
While the time try to chime,
Close the ears by drop the tears,
I am on my own,
I am as stupidity,
Less sense of  approximately,
I wanna going to hide,
Sleep on the reel of real,
Now the psyche on the seal...

Purwokerto, Monday August 20, 2012, 23:42

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