Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday 24

Yesterday on 23 August 2012 is my 24 birthday, no one say some word of congratulations just like other people when they on birthday. Really I dont care at all, but I just feel little bit ridiculous and, and sad. I dont know what to say when you was 24, I mean young and no one be your best friend, I mean someone that trusting you, someone that give you a part in their life, when your celebrating day come and they with pleasure will celebrate it together with you. I feel alone and ridiculous as clown known.

Well if the reality give this moment for me, then I will accept it in my life, save it in my memories as reminder, that my words that have saying long time ago is being real. "People born alone, work alone, success alone, win alone, and die alone...". What I already say is my consecuen when it prove into my life, so the point is I wouldnt say that I am sad while I am sad, I will say I am heavenly happy because my words come true.

Happy birthday for my self.

Thanks my shadow to be my partner all the time, shaking my hand when I celebrate something, hold my shoulder when I feel something, hug my dream when I feel down.

Because I never know what is sadness and happines. Both of them is come together in my meditation.

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