Saturday, September 06, 2014

In My Mind

I though then I do, too much makes this world smallest than it was, call me an ego, call me arrogant, I can do anything by my self.

People come, throw smile then leave, I know no one will stay for a long, stay away I know I rather be alone, travel alone like 60s lonesome travelers.

Capture all the human faces into my brain, too many lies in every wrinkles, I drawing them, I wrote them into my absurd story to tell, I share, no one will read, no one will care, I know just leave it alone.

Time by time, thousand moment and lie passing by, hundred place have been travels, I need lonely place, I need no one on my side on this time, I wanna getting lost, God please bless me money.

Look at her eyes, peace, happy, I don't wanna be alone anymore, God don't give me money, just make her love me.

Jogja, 8 Agustus 2014, 20:10

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