Friday, October 18, 2013

Its All About

Since first time we meet and have some relations, all the things is only talk about your self, what your favorite things like reading and watching movie or whether listen to the music that you love. All those things is all about you. Once I think that you should see on the mirror did you ever ask me what I love or what I just like to hear and watch? Never, you just talk about your self.

You talk about religion and way to love each other, make a obvious role in our relations and in the last you break all the things and never want to look behind and looking for trouble that need to fixed. I just keep on quite and I know exactly what I have done, sometimes I try to make you mad, I make you cry, I lie and many other, I just wanna see whats going on exactly in our time since we be together. But you didnt get it, you wanna run run and run, you dont even look behind or look forward, you just runaway into nowhere, blaming all around, and make your self as the pure innocent.

Its blow my mind, makes me think twice to be better to leave you and be alone, just alone. I know the happiness will never be real when you didnt share.

Or I was the asshole in our short relations, I dont know.