Saturday, March 24, 2012

About a Girl

That girl come and sit on the corner of my brain. She just runaway from her identity as usual normal person. She sharing lot of things; country, flower, garden, rain, rainbow, shadow, fog, and many others. But she never talk about her self, that make no sense for me because she just come without any permit or demanding from me, and I just smile and open widely my ears to listen to her. I am just human being which love to be kind person as I wish, I need to talk about lot of thing to another people sometimes, just like her did to me.

Time by time, day by day, and she suddenly gone without any permit and demanding from me. It is okay, but I will never do same just like what did to another people, actually that was hurt me so much. No words of the end, no smile or whether a little hug for the ending, just gone like dust in the wind.

Later on I know, by unwanted admiring from another side I saw that she has have a boyfriend, I know that wasn't my business but actually who am I? I mean, is that your reason come and gone so fast because at the time you feel so lonely and need someone else to be on your side, and you found me. I never want to ask you why, I never want to begging you to come back again, I just dont know what to do. Then be better to keep quite and let it away. Why? Because I dont even know your self, I mean all about you, not flower, garden, etc.

I hear from somewhere that you shouldnt have to know who, you gone because you doesnt want if I falling in love with you, you see when I talk about some story is just like this story is all about my care to you, because all the time when need someone then I come to you, you probably think that I falling in love in you, but that wasnt true my friend. I just guess that you come to my life because you need a friend and I give my hand, I cant give you my heart and be your boyfriend because of many reason, one of them is because I dont even know your self, how can I falling love to someone that I havent know?

I just feel sad when you go, you go because you think that I falling in love to you, you scare it could be happen, you doesnt want some stranger like me will be your boyfriend.

I have a girl on my mind, and she will always be mine, how can I fall in love to you if I was have one? No way, you can call me whatever you want, geeky, creepy, stranger, or whatever, but for once again I say sad to you, you already gone just because you think that I fall in love to you, impossible because I dont even know your self.

Nice to meet you, and see you on the other side of our life, my widely arm and openly heart will welcoming you if you want back again to sharing thousand story.

Yogyakarta, 24 Maret 2012, 18:16

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