Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Early Morning Babble

The old man with a cane propped on his hands so as not to headfirst fall to the ground while a voice over the hum in his mouth as like to sing some song either, but it was presumably he could no longer sing a melodious and as exciting as when he is still young man, briefly recalled memories knocked on his mind "fitting myself so likewise the future like an old grandpa who passed just now, go ahead of the death was old age will come true, if we were not die young ..."

The morning sun haven't come to shine, ah very noisy the bustle of the highway on this morning, what a busy day and where they will be go, looking for life may be? Ah yes they are looking for a bite of life with a fist drenched in sweat profusely out of their pores to pore myself feel alive today, for the sake of the family and for the future lives complicated and full of surprises meander will be matters that suddenly all coming like the time of a maze box.

"Where are you going to go with four bags safari uniform, complete the same with the eagle emblem on the chest, was like a father Umar Bakri, just when about to go teach ..."

Greetings sarcastically late morning more like wailing voice-driven of the table above fractions asbestos, almost without tone and intonation, well the name is sarcasm. Returned by a friend who felt "Ah, you just take care of your mind, take them duel and decide who will wins, and the winners are the considered as the lord of yourself"

"Oh you think I'm crazy!"

"Perhaps you are overly sensitive my young man, the narrator habits often solitary and had a sensitive levels above average is already inherent in you"

"Needless to say, if the tellers are able to rhyme the word heart in writing"

"Well come on, let's tell the others. One does where you are today? Are there other activities besides looking for a needle in your ID and a haystack of life, or to find the heart where the harbor of the poem and rhyme?"

"Hmmm seems to look for heart today and tomorrow, but tomorrow is not just a rhyme rhyme harbor, but the harbor of love and dreams ..."

"Ah you say the word sounds corny my friend ..."

"Hahaha do not have to be taken dizziness is a friend, my only one narrator, to be heard or risk humiliation well which always greeted with a smile ... The story tellers would not swallowed the time ..."

Yogyakarta, 31 March 2010

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