Monday, April 15, 2013

Me and Daddy

We like two different part in the coin,
But we still one as a coin,
Different perspective,
Different way of life,
Different idealism,
But still one as father and son...

Once I guess that we have to much similarity,
But we try to denied,
My dad look at me like he turn back into his bad young age,
And I look at my dad like imagine how I will be in the future...

I cut off my beard to make us looks different in style,
Yes I just try to dinied,
But naturally my beard suddenly grows and grows,
We looks like too much same when my dad in my age...

But my dad always keep quite and admiring,
He though that I was faraway from him,
We doesnt talk too much since 15 years ago,
Since I try to fight with him,
But really my instinct is always proud of him in silence...

My dad got too much life experiences than me,
And I want get more to make him more proud,
I hate to love my dad in silence,
My dad know what I am doing...

We love each other in silence...

Jogja, 15 April 2013, 14:10

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