Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And I Like Her

There is a girl, that makes me wonder,
She is a girl with uncensored laughter,
She is a girl that donate her self to cat to be slaver,
And I think I like her...

Begun from Ayu Utami books Bilangan Fu that she share,
I found that she love to be traveler and mountain tracker,
Then again she make me become her secret admirer,
And I say to my self yes I like her...

Then I try to ask another,
She answer that she is book reader,
Then I say what book that you reading there?
She say that she read Murakami book Norwegian Wood and thats completely code to makes me more wonder,
For a while we start to sing The Beatles song Norwegian Wood together,
I am smile because one more reason come to like her...

I dont know her,
We both totally just a stranger,
Just chat in Line and try to know each other,
But it remaind me old quotes that say are you believe falling love at first sight? Yes if we are living in nowhere,
And I like her...

A love between strange traveler,
A distance make us seems faraway apart each other,
But we are traveler,
Could be believe we will meet someday somewhere,
I will come to her as soon as possible place when she ask me to come over there,
Because I like her...

I like her...

Legian Kuta, Bali, 12 March 2013, 13:25

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